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Dear Yelp-ers,

Apologies for the long post but I want to help protect other innocent people and their hard earned money. Nasty Gal is the most dishonest, ripoff company ever! Ladies & Gentlemen~ please protect yourselves and your hard earned money from these dishonest blatant thieves. This review is absolutely honest and factual and about their "online store" not necessarily their SM or Melrose (with the exception of Gillian the Melrose manager~ she deserves a much better company to work for bc she's honest, kind and professional..everything that vile customer service reps. namely the andrea and haley at are vile thieves and blatant liars caught in their lies and stolen property are not anything near kind, professional nor honest.) There's no Yelp for their online shop so I am forced to use this to help warn other innocent Yelp-ers. The online CS reps. are proven thieves and liars namely the vile and worthless as well as useless Haley and Andrea whom are proven liars, thieves and miserable unprofessional criminals that ship out damaged items as "brand new!" I was sent over 11+ Three Floor and For Love & Lemons dresses that I purchased "new" & more than half of them arrived w/ deodorant stains, makeup stains on the collars, smoke scent, broken zippers and they were suppose to be "brand new" the head manager~ Ellen apologized profusely & blatantly stated to me that "those items should definitely never have been re-sold but rather damaged out not resold as "brand new!" the problem on top of that (as we all know that when we buy an item online marked new we expect it to arrive in good, un-used new condition) so the obvious damaged items I received (EWWW) I returned them and was sent several emails stating that I was refunded..this was over 5 MONTHS AGO and still no refund only more useless, incompetent, liars (Haley and Andrea) and thankfully albeit sad for me bc the only professional there the manager Ellen left the company (good for her~ she's much too talented to work for a ripoff garbage "company" like nasty gal) the next supervisor Betty tells me that I need to just do a charge back w/ my credit card company bc they CANNOT REFUND ME for some reason bc their new automated return system has technical problems. This is a significant amount too.. yet regardless the amount is not as important as the principal. My several thousand dollars being stolen from them is just as wrong and as imperative as another innocent customer that was stolen from them at any amount it is blatantly wrong, dishonest and ridiculous how a "company" can lie, cheat and steal from loyal customers. The Federal DA is prosecuting them as I have a plethora of evidence, documentation and many others that joined me for a class action lawsuit also! As well as a big THANK YOU to Federal DA Silva for agreeing to prosecute criminal theft by deception amongst several other charges against this vile company and particularly naming the lowest caliber of vile humanity Haley and Andrea are included in the criminal complaint in particular I made cession they will be accountable for their despicable, gross actions of stealing from loyal innocent customers. Anyone else that has been lied to and cheated by these vile crooks please contact me & I'll happily put you in touch w/ the DA office handling the prosecution! Sophie~ your company is nothing but thieves, scam artists, liars and worthless vile human garbage (I.e. Andrea and Haley) and that is NOT name calling but rather a FACT!! Please my dear fellow Yelp-ers see for yourselves their reputation of how many innocent people, independent artists, designers et al that they've ripped off and these links are only a few of TONS online that are easily found! Sophie talks like inarticulate trash and uses cuss words at her customers on IG and social media & at anyone that calls her out on her thieving rip off company- real classy you vile scam artist!! I have the time, powerful and endless resources and most importantly the desire to make certain these thieves don't hurt and scam other innocent people and our hard earned money! Andrea and Haley you miserable vile worthless things~ you will be held accountable for your theft and lies! I have all the evidence that the Federal DA office agreed to prosecute and you will be responsible for the evil you do to innocent people! You don't know who you rip off until you do it to the wrong person that has endless powerful resources, funds, connections and the desire to right this wrong! #FACT

(223 people ripped off that actually wrote about it there's certainly many more that haven't shared their being stolen from)

Reason of review: never send refunds yet they keep the returned DAMAGED items they send that they sell as "brand new".

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Being sent damaged items as new and never sent refund thieves.

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Ummm, dummy, they are , by their own admission, "Nasty"

WTF did you expect ?

Now go be nasty and get another tattoo and some revealing nasty clothes to be sure we all see your nasty tattoo.

Then go to a nasty bar and pick up a nasty man.

Go back to your nasty apartment and have a perfectly nasty, drunken, anonymous time of it and don't worry, you'll never see Mr. Nasty again unless you return to the same bar at the same time on the same day.


Lol this is so overdramatic it's hilarious. Andrea and Haley have helped me with so many of my orders and their customer care team is absolutely fantastic.Nasty Gal is a very professional, successful company and Sophia Amoruso (Founder) is such an inspiring woman.

In fact, Haley had just helped me out with an order last week, so you definitely did not "prosecute" them. Haha, this entire post is full of lies.

to Katie #1300379

Nope, they're definitely thieves!

Worst company EVER!!!

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