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I bought a vintage jacket from Nasty Gal on line for $178 and when they emailed me the shipping notice I saw $20 was added to my total out of nowhere!!! I keep track of my expenses and immediately after making the on line purchase recorded the $178 in my IPhone.

The shipping is free so the $20 is not for that. I emailed them asking why they hiked the price and that I agreed to pay $178. They asked for a screenshot of the $178 if I wanted a refund. Well- if I knew they were going to be shady and change the price I would have taken a screenshot but I didn't think I needed to.

They refused to make it right & weren't even nice about it!!!! I told them what was more upsetting was the lack of ethics- plus it was easier for them to sneakily change the price of a vintage piece as it's the only item of its kind.

If that's how their CEO became a #girlboss then she's pathetic!!!!! I won't give that greedy woman another penny.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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